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Gioia house

is a small guesthouse with an intimate and family atmosphere.

Gioia house is located in a typical "casa di ringhiera", once an Austro-Hungarian barracks, in a quiet little street, a stone's throw from Corso Buenos Aires and Porta Venezia.



a country house
in the middle
of the city

THE CHARME OF TRANQUILLITY in the center of Milan

The Gioia house location offers two advantages to its guests: just few steps away the main tourist attractions of 

Milan, the shopping districts, restaurants and bistrot, wine bars and cafes.

At the same time, the main entry of the building in via Spallanzani, a pedestrian street, and the position of Gioia house in the courtyard give the possibility to our guest to enjoy a very quiet and silent atmosphere.


Gioia house is available for location hire, photo shoots, props hire, advertising, editorial and wedding photography.

 collection: flosophie

 ph: ennebi69_photography


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